Sit Down & Eat!


Last night I was setting the table like I always do before dinner.  As dinner cooked on the stove and the table became full of plates, napkins, silverware, and serving dishes I couldn’t help but smile.  This is my favorite part of the day.  This is when our whole family gets to come together for a nutritious, filling meal and we share about our day.

Before I had kids most of my dinners were spent in front of the TV with my husband or soon to be husband depending on the timeline. After getting married and having kids I would wait to eat until after the kids had  gone to bed.  They were babies or toddlers at the time and dinner was an event. It involved me getting up and down from the table and picking up scraps and bottles that had been dropped or thrown from their high chairs. Eating with the kids was not only undesirable but impossible.  I remember my sister and I agreeing that eating with the kids at that point meant not tasting our food at all due to overstimulation.  It still makes me laugh.  Somewhere down the line the kids grew up.  Imagine that!  No more highchairs, no more short order cooking, no more fussing and whining.

Today, the kids are little, wonderful people that have interesting conversations.  So many of us miss that change when it happens and we continue our old, comfortable behaviors of feeding them first and staving ourselves off until later.  This almost always leads to poor food choices and over eating because we are starved and exhausted by the time we eat. I get it!  I have that hunger monster too that says,”Let’s eat. Eat as much as we want right now because we are STARVING!” I promise that you can beat that hunger monster with a bat. Have a snack every couple of hours  between meals and then see what sitting down with the family does for you.

My parents gave me a wonderful gift as a child.  The gift of family dinners every single night.  We would wait until my dad got home from work and we would all sit down together.  We would eat and share what happened in our day, talk about current events, ask questions, and yes, sometimes even argue.  No matter what, we had that time together to catch up as a family.  We had that time to eat together without any other distraction. We could pay attention to what went in our mouths. Incorporating this same lifestyle in my home with the addition of snacks in-between meals has kept my portions in control and my hunger monster at bay.  I am satisfied and that ugly monster is put to bed.

How many times have you found yourself snacking while standing in the kitchen, trolling Facebook, or watching TV only to discover that a bag of chips is suddenly gone and you don’t even remember eating it?  Better yet, you feel deprived because you don’t remember tasting it, so you give yourself some more!  I know it can’t just be me.  I have been known to have a second helping of chocolate chips simply because I didn’t feel I got the full effect.  Really! It happens to the best of us.  There is something to be said for sitting down to eat; making it an event.

When we take the time to sit down and eat we are more aware of our choices and portion sizes.  We can feel proud that we ate until satisfaction instead of “Thanksgiving dinner full”.  We can use all of our senses to be fulfilled.  We notice the wonderful smell, texture, taste, and display of our food. We don’t feel deprived.  We feel satisfied. If you are lucky, you even get to have a family moment.  You get to enjoy the gift of your family at the table and all of the conversation it brings.

A friend told me years ago that each night they share something called their daily “Rose and Thorn”.  They share the “rose” of what was wonderful about their day and the “thorn” of what was unenjoyable.  I thought about how that allowed each member of the family to speak and share their joys and frustrations without fighting for attention.  I realized it was something my family naturally did each night, but many times one family member (usually the youngest) would fight to get a word in.  Thus, a new tradition all our own was born.  We simply go around the table and speak of the best and worst things that happened that day. The kids quickly added to the custom and said they would also like to list their favorite thing learned.  My mommy heart was so full that day.  It continues to be full each and every night when we sit down and share “the best, the worst, and the favorite thing learned”. It brings out the kid in my husband and me; it shows us the silver lining.  Mealtime is family time and the “icing” is feeling satisfied both physically and emotionally.  Give it a try. You just might enjoy eating with your kiddos each night when you realize you can actually stay at the table!



I’m So Tired

We all say it,”I’m so tired!”  It’s actually the truth.  We are juggling so much every day and we are actually tired.  The last thing we want to do is add to our ever growing “to do list”.  Just the thought of making time for a workout has me burning “stress calories”!

That was the old me.  The thought of adding more to my daily routine was exhausting until I discovered that about 30 minutes of a total body workout is all I need.  Here’s the craziest part, I don’t feel tired from it.  I feel invigorated, really!  I suddenly have all of the energy I need for the day and a better attitude to go with it.  I am calm with my kids, happy at work, and ready for a full day.  I know I sound nuts but I swear it is the truth.  All of these years I was putting too much pressure on working out and time commitment.  I would spend an hour walking or running.  I would spend hours at the gym between cardio and weights.  You know what I  got in return?  Nada.  Maybe my heart was healthier but my weight didn’t budge and I certainly didn’t feel invigorated.  I truly was exhausted!

If all I need is to commit an average of 30 minutes each day and I can lose weight, get fit, and fee energized I am in!  That is what Beachbody workouts have given me.  They have changed my life and nobody is paying me to say that.  Am I a Beachboody coach?  Yes.  Can you purchase their workouts through me? Yes. But, I was saying all of this long before I became a coach.  I was saying it because it is true and I watch as my Weight Watchers members, my friends, and my family members struggle to find something that works and that they can maintain.  All I want to do is help them feel as good as I do.

I don’t benefit much from being a coach because I honestly hate feeling like I am talking people into something.  I wish I could invite all of you along with me to do these short in- home workouts for a month and see how amazing you feel and look.  It’s as if I found the magic pill.  I have this amazing library of workouts and food plans that keep me happy, satisfied, energized, and most of all STRONG.  I am stronger now in every way then when I was in my 20’s.  I feel the impact of increased brain power, feeling tight and strong, and being fit and healthy.

I wrote this blog entry today because I am sick of feeling shy about inviting people to try this out.  I am tired; metaphorically tired of fearing I am overstepping by suggesting that all of you try out Beachbody workouts.  All I want to do is pay it forward. I want to see you stop struggling and watch you start living life as the best version of yourself.  I want your body to be your temple.  I want that body to buy longevity, energy, and strength.  Do you want it?  Do you want the most you can get out of life?  This is not a difficult commitment.  It was the easiest decision I have ever made.

For those of you that know me, you know how indecisive I am.  I may have even called you once or a million times because I couldn’t even decide what jeans to buy!  Guess what?  I called nobody and didn’t ask for a single piece of advice before jumping into the Beachbody workouts.  It was a no-brainer and it has paid off ten fold.

If you are ready to make the easiest decision of your life, then email me and I promise to help you find your best you: